Dr. Dia Houssien who has MB ChB, M Med. Sc and Clinical Ph.D. London, UK 1998. Dr. Dia treats his patients by a combination of alternative and traditional medicine. He developed a new method by using a low-level laser in acupuncture points to reduce the sessions from 12 to one or two. Many patients felt the difference from the first session. Dr. Dia has presented his study in several international conferences.

Dr Dia Center for Medical Subspecilty

Dr Dia Center for Medical Subspecilty

Dr. Dia Al-Haj Houssein Center includes:

  • Physiotherapists for the management of rheumatic pain,cartilage, and joint stiffness.
  • Chinese acupuncturist.
  • Licensed cupping.
  • The center also includes a team of nurses who help to streamline medical work and coordinate between departments and help patients in their needs.

Medical Staff

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Dr Dia Center for Medical Subspecilty


We are committed to excellence in service delivery and healthcare through:

  • Trust and mutual respect.
  • Take advantage of technology.
  • Efficiency and service.
  • Education and Leadership.
  • Access to quality.

We believe that by working together we will improve the health of the community, God willing.


Dr. Dia Medical Center aims to serve patients to relieve their pain and help them cope with chronic disease to carry out their daily activities without the need for assistance.
Dr. Dia’s center seeks to:
  • Develop a natural treatment method to alleviate the pain caused by chronic diseases.
  • Treatment of acute and chronic diseases with medicines if the patient does not respond to physical therapy.
  • Food therapy.
  • And psychotherapy when the cause of the disease is psychological trauma or depression.
  • Educate the patient to be able to live with his illness and overcome it.

Our departments

Dr. Dia Medical Center has several specialties


The most important sections of the center, where Dr. Diaa Haj Hussein diagnose the condition of the patient, and describe the appropriate treatment plan, which includes physical therapy often, and requires some analysis or radiation or magnetic resonance imaging to exclude other diseases
In the Department of Rheumatology, all rheumatic diseases are treated:

  • Inflammation of the vertebrae
  • Arthropathy
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gout
  • Inflammatory nerve inflammation
  • Back pain
  • Lupus disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rheumatic fever
  • False ejaculation (similar to gout)
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Rheumatology in children
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Severe ulcerative arthritis
  • Reactive rheumatic disease
  • Rheumatism
  • Inflammation of rheumatoid muscle inflammation and rheumatic skin inflammation
  • Bahgat disease
  • Phenomenon Reynod
  • Stress ligaments
  • Frozen shoulder disease
  • Rehabilitation of the elderly and diabetics
  • Treatment of obesity

Brain and Nerves

For the treatment of various neurological diseases, the patients – adults and young people – are received in the brain and physiology department to receive appropriate treatment and recovery from God Almighty
The Neurology Department receives the following cases:

  • Inflammation of the vertebrae
  • All tumors of the brain and nerves.
  • Neurological diseases and resulting muscle weakness, visual disturbances and poor concentration
  • Asthma of the brain.
  • Stroke.
  • Headaches of all kinds.
  • Epilepsy cases.
  • Involuntary movements, Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Genetic diseases.
  • Pediatric and neurological diseases.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Facial pain of all kinds
  • Neurological disorders in children
  • Meningitis and meningitis
  • Sleep disorders
Brain and Nerves

Skin & Beauty – Skin Care

Provides medical care for all patients with a skin disease:

  • Dermatitis
  • acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Other skin diseases
Skin & Beauty – Skin Care

Physical therapy

The Department of Physiotherapy is an important part of Dr. Zia Medical Center, as it is the first treatment method adopted by the Center for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, and has received special attention by Dr. when he established this center. It provides comprehensive services to patients – men and women – taking into account privacy, and the treatment plan set by the doctor for the patient and the physiotherapist to implement them, and requires the patient to follow-up and perseverance has been found patients visiting this center to reduce their suffering with chronic pain, which deprived them of independence of movement from In order to practice their daily needs
Diseases requiring physiotherapy:

  • Triglycerides
  • Different rheumatic diseases in the joints and muscles.
  • Chronic headache.
  • Playground injuries.
  • The need for rehabilitation of the locomotor system after clots or surgical procedures.
  • The Center offers special treatment for orthodontic evaluation.
Physical therapy


Department of cupping at the center of Dr. Dia combine between medicine and modern medicine and medicine, has become universally recognized under the name of alternative medicine after the discovery of the benefits that are based on the activation of the flow of pure blood and get rid of the rotten blood that collects in specific areas of the body, especially the back.


Treatment of playground injuries

The center receives cases of injury to the athlete while practicing sports, and the injury is often in the ligaments or muscles, after the disclosure of the doctor puts him a suitable plan for treatment and rehabilitation with a physiotherapist in a period of time to ensure the return to sports activity is healthy and healthy.

Treatment of playground injuries

(العربية) قسم العلاج النفسي والارشادي

(العربية) قسم العلاج النفسي والارشادي

Supplementary sections in the center


The center contains a gymnasium for various sports, recommended internationally:

  • To rehabilitate the patient
  • Strengthen his muscles
  • Improve physical and mental health
Laboratory Section

There is an internal laboratory in the center of Dr. Dia, which has modern and accurate equipment for obtaining results based on a global system

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Our doctors

The center includes qualified medical personnel:


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